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Below are some articles in the news featuring IHG research. Please feel free to contact us with articles to highlight, whether they are from the past or are current.

2019 in the news

Doctors use HIV to develop ‘cure’ for babies with ‘bubble boy’ disease

CNN | April 18, 2019
Jennifer Puck featured

Cancer-Killing Combination Therapies Unveiled with New Drug-Screening Tool

UCSF | April 9, 2019
Michael McManus featured

Researcher of the Month: Kathy Giacomini, PhD

UCSF | March 18, 2019
Kathy Giacomini featured

How gut immune cells can fight multiple sclerosis

UC News | January 17, 2019
Sergio Baranzini featured

2018 in the news

Autism Risk-Factors Identified in ‘Dark Matter’ of Human Genome

UCSF | December 13, 2018
Stephan Sanders featured

CRISPR Joins Battle of the Bulge, Fights Obesity Without Edits to Genome

UCSF | December 13, 2018
Nadav Ahituv featured

4 UCSF Faculty Elected to the National Academy of Medicine for 2018

UCSF | October 15, 2018
Ying-Hui Fu and Ophir Klein featured

2 UCSF Faculty Elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2018

UCSF | May 2, 2018
Ying-Hui Fu featured

AACR Researchers Emphasize Importance of Genetic Ancestry as Factor in Breast Cancer Studies

GenomeWeb | April 16, 2018
Laura Fejerman featured

UCSF Names First-Ever Chief Genomics Officer

UCSF | April 12, 2018
Aleksandar Rajkovic featured

2017 in the news

New Genetic Models of Autism Point to Cellular Roots of Disease

UCSF | December 5, 2017
Lauren Weiss featured

The Mysterious 98%: Scientists Look to Shine Light on Our Dark Genome

UCSF | February 2, 2017
Nadav Ahituv and Yin Shen featured

Genetic Risk Factors for Autism, MS and Other Diseases Differ Between the Sexes

UCSF | January 23, 2017
Lauren Weiss featured

Autism Risk May Arise from Sex-Specific Traits

Scientific American | January 16, 2017
Lauren Weiss featured

2016 in the news

Electronic Records Help Link Genes to Age-Related Hearing Loss

UCSF | October 20, 2016
Thomas Hoffman and Neil Risch featured

Diversity Champions Honored with 2016 Chancellor Diversity Awards

UCSF | October 17, 2016
Lauren Weiss featured

2015 in the news

What Genes Tell Us About Sleep

TedX Thacher School | November 25, 2015
Ying-Hui Fu featured

2 UCSF Researchers Named 2015 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

UCSF | November 24, 2015
Louis Ptáček featured

Human Genetics Symposium Honors Y.W. Kan’s Contributions

UCSF | November 5, 2015
Y.W. Kan and Neil Risch featured

The Social Face of Genetics at the American Society of Human Genetics Meeting

Bio-IT World | October 14, 2015
Neil Risch featured

Esteban Burchard Named to Expert Panel for Obama’s Precision Medicine Plan

UCSF | March 31, 2015
Esteban Burchard featured

Kaiser to look for autism’s causes in large-scale study

San Francisco Chronicle | March 31, 2015
Neil Risch featured

2014 in the news

School of Medicine Irene Perstein Award

UCSF School of Medicine | November 1, 2014
Sharon Chung featured

Genetic variant helps protect Latinas from breast cancer

SF Gate | October 22, 2014
Laura Fejerman and Elad Ziv featured

Genetic Variant May Shield Latinas From Breast Cancer

The New York Times | October 20, 2014
Laura Fejerman and Elad Ziv featured

DNA Said To Protect Hispanic Women From Breast Cancer

The Wall Street Journal | October 20, 2014
Laura Fejerman and Elad Ziv featured

Kaiser Permanente’s Genetic Database Is Boon To Medical Research

Bloomberg Business Week | September 25, 2014
Neil Risch featured

Better Information About Prenatal Testing Leads To Fewer Tests

UCSF | September 24, 2014
Miriam Kuppermann and Mary Norton featured

Gene Behind Rare Birth Abnormality Is a Window on Evolution

UCSF | July 30, 2014
Ophir Klein featured

UCSF-Kaiser Permanente Collaboration in SF Business Times

SF Business Times | February 26, 2014
Neil Risch featured

2013 in the news

PMWC 2014 Silicon Valley Honors YW Kan with New “Pioneer” Award at Annual Conference

PRWeb | November 24, 2013
Y.W. Kan featured

What’s a BRCA Gene Any­way?

KQED | May 13, 2013
Bob Nuss­baum featured

DNA Project Aims to Make Public a Company’s Data on Cancer Genes

New York Times | April 12, 2013
Bob Nuss­baum featured

Researchers Aim to Unlock Genetic Data Gold­mine

PBS New Hour | March 12, 2013
Pui Kwok and Neil Risch featured

How Well Do You Know Your DNA?

PBS News Hour | March 12, 2013
Neil Risch featured

2012 in the news

Saliva samples aid genetics research

San Francisco Chronicle | November 20, 2012
Pui-Yan Kwok and Neil Risch featured

Value of Genomics and Personalized Medicine Is Wrongly Downplayed

UCSF | April 16, 2012
Neil Risch featured

In Autism, Gene Findings May Help Explain Biology and Guide Drug Discovery

UCSF | February 6, 2012
Lauren Weiss featured

2011 in the news

UCSF-Led Team Discovers Cause of Rare Disease

UCSF | December 16, 2011
Louis Ptáček featured

Stem Cell and Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell and other Genetic Diseases

UCSF | December 13, 2011
Y.W. Kan featured

Experts Discuss Personalized Medicine and Gene Discoveries in Disease at Genetics Symposium

UCSF | October 7, 2011
Featuring IHG research and review of IHG Symposium

New Asthma Risk Gene Emerges from Study of Diverse Populations

UCSF | August 16, 2011
Esteban Burchard featured

Major Genetic Study of Multiple Sclerosis Reveals DNA Hot Spots of Disease Susceptibility

UCSF | August 12, 2011
Jorge Oksenberg and Stephen Hauser featured

UCSF and Kaiser Permanente Complete Massive Genotyping Project

UCSF | July 21, 2011
Pui-Yan Kwok and Neil Risch featured

Study Debunks Autism as a Primarily Genetic Disorder

UCSF | July 6, 2011
Neil Risch featured

Autism: New Findings

KQED | July 5, 2011
Neil Risch featured

Newborn Screening for Deadly Immune Disorder SCID Possible Due to UCSF Research

UCSF | March 21, 2011
Jennifer Puck featured

2010 in the news

Genetic Ancestry Data Improve Diagnosis in Asthma and Lung Disease

UCSF | July 7, 2010
Esteban Burchard featured

In Brain Cancer, Unique Genetic and “Epigenetic” Profile Means Better Odds

UCSF | December 15, 2010
Margaret Wrensch featured

Teeth Earn Starring Role in Field of Regenerative Medicine

UCSF | November 11, 2010
Ophir Klein featured

Genetics Research Accelerates Pace of Knowledge Gains

UC Health | November 2, 2010
IHG Symposium featured

What Makes Us Human? Studies of Chimp and Human DNA May Tell Us

UCSF | June 28, 2010
Kathryn Pollard featured

From Californians’ DNA, a Giant Genome Project

UCSF | May 29, 2010
Pui-Yan Kwok featured

At-Home Genetics Tests

KQED | May 21, 2010
Esteban Burchard interviewed

UCSF transgenic mouse mimics Parkinson’s earliest symptoms

UCSF | May 3, 2010
Robert Nussbaum featured

MS study suggests key role of environmental factor in the disease

UCSF | April 28, 2010
Stephen Hauser and Jorge Oksenberg featured

Speaker Pelosi Hears Economic Stimulus Success Stories at UCSF

UCSF | February 29, 2010
Neil Risch featured

Gene family found to play key role in early stages of development

UCSF | January 25, 2010
Anthony Wynshaw-Boris featured

Periodic paralysis study reveals gene causing disorder

UCSF | January 7, 2010
Louis Ptacek featured

2009 in the news

UCSF awarded $25 million from NIH to build resource for genetic research

UCSF | October 13, 2009
Pui-Yan Kwok featured

Researchers restore missing protein in rare genetic brain disorder

UCSF | September 7, 2009
Anthony Wynshaw-Boris featured

Researchers Probe Links Between Modern Humans and Neanderthals

UCSF | September 4, 2009
Jeff Wall featured

First human gene implicated in regulating length of human sleep

Science News | August 14, 2009
Ying-Hui Fu featured

Mutation Tied to Need for Less Sleep Is Discovered

New York TImes | August 13, 2009
Ying-Hui Fu featured

Brain Cancer Linked to Inherited Genetic Risk

UCSF | July 5, 2009
Margaret Wrensch featured

Perfect pitch study offers window into influences of nature and nurture

UCSF | July 2, 2009
Jane Gitschier featured

Depression Gene Risk Doubted

UCSF | June 16, 2009
Neil Risch featured

Gene Found in Sudden Sleep Disorder Implicates the Immune System

UCSF | May 18, 2009
Neil Risch featured

What Makes us Human?

Scientific American | May 1, 2009
Katherine Pollard featured

Lung Cancer Now Is the Focus of Powerful Genetics Research

UCSF | February 4, 2009
Allan Balmain featured

UCSF researchers use new tools to move in on cancer susceptibility genes

UCSF | January 12, 2009
Allan Balmain featured

2008 in the news

Search for Genetic Clues to Breast Cancer in Hispanic Women

UCSF | December 8, 2008
Laura Fejerman featured

Genes and Environment in Parkinson’s Disease: A Conversation with Robert Nussbaum

UCSF | November 6, 2008
Robert Nussbaum featured

2007 in the news

Family Trees: A Conversation with Physician-Scientist Esteban Burchard

UCSF | November 9, 2007
Esteban Burchard featured

Licking Lupus: A Conversation with Physician-Researcher Lindsey Criswell

UCSF | October 12, 2007
Lindsey Criswell featured

Mice or Men? How Important Is Conserved DNA? A Conversation with Geneticist Nadav Ahituv

UCSF | October 5, 2007
Nadav Ahituv featured

Skin Cancer Scientist Sees Ray of Hope: A Conversation with James Cleaver

UCSF | August 3, 2007
James Cleaver featured

Changing the Face of Costello Syndrome

UCSF | June 29, 2007
Katherine Rauen featured

Long-Anticipated Gene Search Technique Is Now Powerfully Real

UCSF | June 5, 2007
John Witte featured