Announcing Winter Genetics Day

Winter Genetics DayBuilding on the momentum of a highly successful Genetics Day in the Fall, the Institute for Human Genetics will host Winter Genetics Day on Thursday, February 15, 2018, beginning at 1:00pm at Parnassus in HSW-301.

Special guest and keynote speaker Dr. Michael F. Hammer will present “Genomic approaches to identifying genes associated with epilepsy severity in two patient populations.” Dr. Hammer is Research Scientist in the Division of Biotechnology at the University of Arizona, with appointments in the Department of Neurology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, School of Anthropology and University of Arizona Cancer Center.

Also speaking: Deepak Srivastava, President of the Gladstone Institutes and Professor of Pediatrics and Biochemistry & Biophysics, will begin the program with a talk on “Complex genetic inheritance of congenital defects.” Helen Kim, Assoc. Professor of Anesthesia and Investigator at the Center for Cerebrovascular Research will present “Familial cerebral cavernous malformations: Modifiers of disease severity and progression.” Yin Shen, Asst. Professor of Neurology, will speak on “Regulation of gene expression in the 3D genome.”

A special new component of Winter Genetics Day will be 5-minute “flash talks” by genetic trainees, scheduled between faculty presentations. Please join us for an afternoon of exciting scientific discourse and community.

Winter Genetics Day Program | Live Streaming on MyAccess

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