Celebrating Clinical Exome at UCSF

Clinical Exome Sequencing Goes Live!The IHG and Genomic Medicine Initiative (GMI) hosted a special event on Tuesday, June 27 to celebrate the launch of clinical whole exome sequencing at UCSF.

This new service is a groundbreaking achievement in realizing the goals of precision medicine at UCSF, offering clinicians access to the latest genomic technology for improved diagnosis and care of their patients.

Speakers at the event, including our clinical geneticists, molecular pathologists, bioinformaticians and bioethicists, described the scientific basis of whole exome sequencing, its interpretation and clinical utility.  Professor Gail Jarvik, MD, PhD, Director of Medical Genetics at University of Washington, was the Charles and Lois Epstein Visiting Professor. Her keynote address, “Moving the Genome to the Clinic,” addressed the perils and benefits of applying genomic sequencing data to patient care.  A panel discussion addressed numerous important questions from the audience.

Another highlight was a talk by UCSF patient Jacqui Morgan, who told her inspiring story, “Doctors are trained to look for a horse in a field of horses, when they should have been looking for a zebra.”

 Livestream 1:00-2:35pm | Livestream 2:35-5:00pm

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