Clinical Exome Goes Live

The Institute for Human Genetics and Genomic Medicine Initiative are proud to announce the launch of clinical whole exome sequencing at UCSF.  This milestone event in the history of UCSF and the IHG was made possible through the concerted efforts of many, including our outstanding clinical geneticists, genetic counselors, laboratory staff, molecular pathologists, bioinformaticians, and bioethicists.

The launch will be celebrated at the campus-wide symposium Delivering Precision Medicine at UCSF: Clinical Exome Sequencing Goes Live on June 27 from 1-5pm at Byers Auditorium in Genentech Hall, with a reception to follow.

The program includes talks from our clinical, laboratory, informatics and bioethics faculty and staff, describing the procedures involved in whole exome sequencing, the suitability of patients for this test, and how to engage this service.  We will also be treated to a lecture from Epstein Visiting Professor, Gail Jarvik, MD, PhD, Joint Professor of Medicine and Genome Sciences at the University of Washington, entitled “Moving the Genome to the Clinic” and an inspiring story from one of our patients, Jacqui Morgan, entitled “Doctors are trained to look for a horse in a field of horses, when they should have been looking for a zebra.”

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