Faces of Medical Genetics Education at UCSF

UCSF Medical Genetics EducationUnder the inspired direction of Dr. Katherine M. Hyland, PhD, the UCSF Medical Genetics Curriculum Committee (MGCC) has been the power station behind genetics education at the UCSF SOM.

Kathy is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and a member of the IHG. She is active locally and nationally with genetics/genomics education, and recently received a 2017-18 Bridges Curriculum Teaching Award. In 2004, she formed the MGCC, comprised of IHG faculty, clinical geneticists and genetic counselors who share an interest in education. Members work collaboratively, building innovative teaching sessions that contribute to the genetic/genomic literacy of our future physicians – from mendelian and multifactorial inheritance to the clinical utility of genetic/genomic testing. Current projects include developing a clinical genomics mini-course for M1’s, and crafting a Clinical Immersive Experience (CIEx) in genetics/genomics for M3’s.

Current members of the MGCC: Kathy Hyland (chair), Sergio Baranzini, Cindy Morgan, Shannon Rego, Marta Sabbadini, Joseph Shen (UC Fresno), Jessica Tenney, Jessica Van Ziffle, Kara Weisiger, Laurie Weiss and Elad Ziv.

Of the MGCC members, Kathy says “This amazing group of talented, passionate and dedicated professionals have gone above and beyond to ensure that the next generation of physicians are prepared to apply principles of genomic medicine to patient care at UCSF.”

UCSF Medical Education in Genetics | Kathy Hyland’s UCSF Faculty Profile

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