IHG Member John Witte receives Leadership Award

John Witte, PhDThe IHG applauds John Witte, PhD for receiving the Leadership Award from the International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES), presented at IGES in October 2018. This award is the highest honor given by the society, and was made in light of John’s research accomplishments, contributions to the society, and dedication to training and mentoring the next generation of genetic epidemiologists.

John has published over 200 articles on genetic epidemiology methods and applications. His lab develops widely used methods and software for studying rare genetic variants, pathways, interactions, and genome-wide association studies. His applied work has helped to decipher the genetic bases of cancers and many other complex traits.

He teaches genetic epidemiology at UCSF, and has mentored over 50 pre- and post-doctoral fellows, fostering the careers of many young investigators.

The IGES Leadership Award distinguishes John Witte, his trainees and lab members – congratulations all.

John Witte’s UCSF Profile

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