New Project to study Genetics of Breast Cancer in Latinas

Elad Ziv, Laura Fejerman, Kathryn PhillipsWe congratulate IHG faculty members Elad Ziv, Laura Fejerman and Kathryn Phillips for an award granted by the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine, sponsored by the California Governor’s Office.

Their project, entitled Improving Precision Medicine for Breast Cancer in Latinas: A Multi-Tiered Approach, aims to create a comprehensive portrait of genetic variants that predispose Latinas to breast cancer, and improve screening and hereditary breast cancer care in this population. The project will also evaluate tumor mutation data and clinical outcomes to improve treatment among Latinas with breast cancer.

One of their primary objectives is to expand community awareness about hereditary breast cancer (including genetic testing) in Latina women. Building on existing educational and outreach programs, training will be provided to community educators (Promotoras) on hereditary breast cancer risk among Latinas.

Elad Ziv is Professor of Medicine at UCSF and Principal Investigator on this project. Laura Fejerman will collaborate on germline and tumor genomic analyses and will lead outreach and education. Kathryn Phillips will oversee economic studies. Other UCSF faculty playing key roles include Niharika Dixit, Galen Joseph, Henrik Bengtsson and Eric Collisson. Congratulations!

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