Symposium to Honor Genetics Pioneer Raymond L. White

Celebrating the Life & Work of Raymond L. White

This symposium is being postponed until further notice.

Ray White’s pioneering research created the foundation for modern human genetics, which has transformed our understanding of human disease. The IHG is proud to recognize White, honoring his many contributions.

His seminal role in the technical development of human genetic linkage maps included collection of the CEPH family mapping set universally employed for map development, and development of new, highly polymorphic repeat markers (VNTRs). White’s genetic mapping efforts were foundational to the Human Genome Project, which sequenced the human genome.

He used these reagents to genetically map and clone many important human disease genes and studied the in vitro functions of their proteins. White also leaves a legacy in the generation of young scientists and physician scientists he trained that have gone on to discover genes underlying a broad array of human diseases and normal behaviors.

Join us in honoring genetics pioneer Raymond L. White

The IHG Symposium will be held Monday, June 22, 2020 at 10:45-6:30 in Genentech Hall on the UCSF Mission Bay campus and will include a poster session with awards for trainees, and a panel discussion on “The Future of Human Genetics.

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