The IHG Welcomes New Faculty

Yin Shen, PhD and Jimmie Ye, PhD

The IHG warmly welcomes two new faculty members, Yin Shen, PhD and Chun (Jimmie) Ye, PhD.

Yin Shen was recruited to the Institute for Human Genetics from Dr. Bing Ren’s lab at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at UC San Diego in La Jolla, CA, where she led the genomic functional characterization effort in the mouse ENCODE project. She earned her PhD from UCLA, where she studied epigenetics and gene regulation, utilizing cutting-edge genetics, genomics and stem cell technologies.

Chun (Jimmie) Ye received his PhD in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at UC San Diego/UCLA, where he developed a number of statistical methods for identifying and interpreting genetic loci associated with gene expression (eQTL). As a postdoc at the Broad Institute under Aviv Regev, Jimmie led a team of computational and experimental biologists to study the role of genetic variation in the response of immune cells to cytokines and/or pathogens.

Yin and Jimmie are settling beautifully into their respective labs on the 9th floor of UCSF Parnassus. Please stop by to say hello, and join us in wishing them great success at UCSF.

Shen’s UCSF ProfileYe’s UCSF Profile

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