Licia Selleri, MD, PhD

Professor of Craniofacial Biology


I are developmental geneticists with a passion for understanding the genetic and regulatory basis underlying tissue and organ morphogenesis during vertebrate development. The goal of our research group is to shed light on how perturbations of these processes impact human development and cause birth defects. Directly relevant to birth defects, we have generated mouse models for Cleft Lip/Palate, Limb Reductions, and Congenital Asplenia. We have contributed to the understanding of the cellular, genetic, and molecular pathogenesis of these conditionals and identified genes and genetic pathways that are responsible for these congenital diseases in humans. We currently use model and non-model organisms, including lizard, chick, mouse, pig, and human embryos, to establish the genetic, regulatory, and epigenetic mechanisms underlying morphogenesis of embryonic forms and shapes. A special focus is presently on morphogenesis of the face and its features in development, evolution, and birth defects.