UCSF has a wide range of training programs that incorporate human genetics and genomics at the graduate and professional school level, as well as courses and workshops that are open to the entire UCSF community and the public. This section on Education provides information, links and contacts for the various programs, courses and workshops.

IHG Education Committee

The Institute of Human Genetics (IHG) Education Committee was established in August 2018 to develop a genetics and genomics education network with representation across UCSF schools and departments to promote excellence in human genetics and genomics education.

This committee is actively assessing the genetics and genomics educational needs of faculty and trainees across different UCSF schools, departments, and divisions. The ultimate goal of the committee is to ensure that UCSF faculty and trainees have access to the resources they need to conduct important foundational and translational research, and to use genetics and genomics technologies effectively in clinical practice.


  • Katherine Hyland, PhD, IHG Education Committee Chair
  • Nadav Ahituv, PhD, IHG Interim Director, Education Committee Co-Chair
  • Neil Risch, PhD, Former IHG Director

Committee Members

  • Sawona Biswas, MS
  • Patrick Devine, MD, PhD
  • Elena Flowers, PhD, RN
  • Julie Harris-Wai, PhD, MPH
  • Thomas Hoffmann, PhD
  • Jacqueline Kemmer, SOM ad hoc
  • Karla Lindquist, PhD
  • Cynthia Morgan, MS
  • Matthew Ryan, SOM ad hoc
  • Maren Scheuner-Purcell, MD, MPH
  • Joseph Shieh, MD, PhD
  • Teresa Sparks, MD
  • Bani Tamraz, PharmD, PhD
  • Anica Wandler, PhD ad hoc

Student Reps

  • Karly Hampshire, SOM
  • Jose Tinajero, SOP
  • Ryan Ziffra, BMS