Petros Giannikopoulos, MD

Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Principal Investigator at the Innovative Genomics Institute

Dr. Petros Giannikopoulos is a board-certified anatomic, pediatric, and molecular genetic pathologist with expertise in clinical genomics and advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS)­-based testing. His research is focused on understanding the molecular drivers of genetic diseases and accelerating the clinical advancement of CRISPR-based therapies. Dr. Giannikopoulos is an Investigator at the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI), where he serves as the founding director of the IGI’s Interventional Genomics Unit. The IGI Interventional Genomics Unit consists of a high-complexity, CLIA-certified and College of American Pathologists (CAP)-accredited clinical laboratory, and two translational research programs: the Assay Development Platform, which seeks to devise novel molecular diagnostics that can support the development of CRISPR-based therapies for rare genetic disorders; and the Interventional Genomics Unit for Therapeutic Innovation (INGENUITI), a first-in-kind platform that aims to pioneer the work up of patients with rare genetic disorders for potential genomic intervention.